Internet Of Things
Design Kit

A configurable set of design tools for exploring and defining Internet of Things ideas


Creating a shared language

The Internet of Things is often discussed from a very technical point of view.  We believe that real impact and creativity comes from co-creating with people across different fields. The IoT Design Kit enables the collaboration of technical, design and business professionals to create IoT solutions that truly generate value.


Modular and flexible

The IoT design kit is designed with different organisational types in mind. The result is a tool that can be used in any business context: startups, corporates, ... Elements of the design kit can be picked out as ‘one off’ exercises, but you can also use chains of different tools to go through an elaborate idea generation and validation process.



Creating the IoT design kit did not happen overnight. At Studio Dott, we have been working on several iterations of these tools over the past 4 years. In collaboration with the KU Leuven (Mintlab, faculty of Social Sciences) and Antwerp (faculty of Design Sciences) we solidly founded the design kit on a theoretical and scientifically validated framework.


Use the IOT Design Kit

The IOT design kit is a set of design and strategy workshop tools. Each element of the kit is created in such a way that it can be used standalone or as part of an idea generation and validation process. By applying various parts of the IOT design kit, organisations are able to define their IOT strategy and develop and finetune their ideas.

Another toolkit?!

In recent years we have witnessed a shift from either ‘physical’ or ‘digital’ design projects to products and services that encompass both. This merger of domains and skills made the need for a new set of relevant tools inevitable. Take a dive behind the scenes of the toolkit creators.

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