Packaged expertise

The IoT design kit is the result of an extensive search for a design toolkit that can be used in a practical, flexible and adaptive way. The design kit in its current form has gone through several iterations of research and trials. Each step of the design kit is rooted in research, and explicitly links back to scientifically verified theoretical framework.

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How it all started

At Studio Dott we decided to invest in the creation of this IOT design toolkit because we clearly identified the need for a flexible and modular set of tools while collaborating with clients, stakeholders and colleagues.

Peer analysis

When we studied and compared existing IoT design tools, we noticed that most of them focus on only partial aspects of the design process, which was too limiting for the purpose we had in mind. With the IoT Design Kit, we can cover the full spectrum from strategy definition over idea generation to concept evaluation.

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Studio Dott

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