About the IoT Design Kit

Four entry points

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You already have an IoT idea you’re incubating, but you want to make sure you haven’t overlooked anything in order to get the full potential out of your product or service.

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Product / Service

Your company's current offering is not yet internet connected. You want to explore the potential and possibilities of digitally connecting your product or service.

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You have identified a problem or spotted an opportunity in the market, and want to explore in which ways your IoT product or service will result in a relevant and impactful solution.

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You own a specific technology or want to apply it to your business. You want to discover its full potential and explore how this technology can contribute to various contexts in valuable and meaningful ways.


What do you want to achieve with IOT? Why is IOT relevant for your business? What is the strategic vision on IoT?


What is the ideal starting point? What steps have already been taken? What's the context of use? Do you take full advantage of every phase in your product lifecycle?

Exploring context

What are the possibilities of the technology? How can it contribute to specific challenges?  What are possible use cases? Which are the most valuable ones?


What does the customer journey or product lifecycle of your potential solution looks like?

Opportunities & mapping

Which opportunities do we identify? What are the boundaries of the solution space? Which components are necessary to create the envisioned products and/or services?

Stress test

How future-proof and robust are your ideas and concepts? Does the product really generate value for your organisation and its stakeholders? What's its societal impact?


Everything you need

The IoT Design Kit contains printable material to kickstart your IOT project. Use its components sequentially or pick out the tools that are relevant for your business case.


Card deck

Prefilled cards help you to consider the IoT solution space from various angles. These cards will spark your team's creativity and out-of-the-box-thinking capabilities.



The IoT Design Kit triggers and leverages collaboration and co-creation between technical, analytical, creative and business professionals.

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